Our Vision

Jacob’s Well Vision

Girl_Drink_Jacobs_WellJustice and hope for the desperately poor throughout the world by virtue of improved health, knowledge and quality of life.

Our Mission

Jacob’s Well hopes to break the poverty cycle by sinking fresh water wells in villages, establishing health and resource centres and providing life changing education for children from tribal villages and the slums.

Our Purpose

To live a life of significance based upon Christian values, working together with all cultures, faiths and genders, empowering others to facilitate change and provide solutions to break the poverty cycle.

Children_Sponsor_Well_VillageOur Goals

Jacob’s Well aligns itself to alleviate the root cause of poverty through the following Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger – Jacob’s Well aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger through provision of clean water, education, sustainable agriculture initiatives and skills training programs. MDG 1
  2. Achieve universal primary education – Jacob’s Well is taking education into the remote villages where there is no education and no hope. MDG 2
  3. Promote gender equality and empower women – Jacob’s Well ensures that all the boys and girls at Rejoice receive primary and secondary education. Girls are encouraged to go onto further education and become involved in their community transformation. MDG 3
  4. Sponsor_Child_Monkey_BarReduce child mortality – Jacob’s Well has provided clean water and hygiene education to assist in the reduction of infant mortality within those villages. MDG 4
  5. Improve maternal health – Through the medical, health and resource centres Jacob’s Well will provide maternal health, first aid programs and hygienic birthing kits to women throughout the district. MDG 5
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases – Jacob’s Well’s primary focus to combat disease is through education on preventative healthcare, management of common ailments and nutrition. MDG 6
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability – Jacob’s Well is implementing sustainability initiatives in remote villages where there are no resources and no hope. MDG 7