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Success Stories

Jacob’s Well SUCCESS STORIES - Pinda Pada

[ Jacob’s Well SUCCESS STORIES ] Take a journey to a village in a very remote area of India and see the amazing work that Jacob's Well is doing in providing clean drinking water and education to people who are in deep need.

Jacob’s Well SUCCESS STORIES - Padma's Story

[ Jacob’s Well SUCCESS STORIES - Padma's Story ] This is an inspirational story about young Padma, a student at Rejoice Centre in India. She came from a very poor village and through the support of her sponsors, is now gaining a great education that will make a difference to her community.

Tell The Story in INDIA for Jacob's Well

[ Tell The Story in INDIA for Jacob's Well ] Around 8-10 people a year die from water born diseases EVERY year in these villages. Over 400 people a year are saved because of Jacob's Well. It only costs $2500 AUD to install a well.

Snapshots of life

School building completed

November 30, 2018 8:59 pm

Painting is complete and the children are using the new classrooms. It’s great to have Rejoice Public School running Kg... View Article

Soma gets a leg!

July 4, 2016 10:17 pm

Thank you to all who gave – and thank you to all who prayed for this great kid, Soma. Here... View Article